Fantasy NASCAR Games

Join millions of NASCAR fans around the country and pit your team against them in Fantasy NASCAR
games. NASCAR fantasy games are one of the most engaging ways to get involved in the nation’s top
racing sport. Pick your driver, pick your teams and see how you stand up against your friends, co-
workers and social networks.

What Are Fantasy NASCAR Games?

Inspired by fantasy football, NASCAR games let players select their own teams of drivers to compete
against other team “owners.” Each week, points are awarded to team owners based on the
performance of their chosen drivers in the week’s races. There are a number of online fantasy NASCAR
games that boast tens of thousands of players each, and new leagues are always being formed on many
of them.

NASCAR Fantasy Live

NASCAR Fantasy Live is the only online NASCAR game that features real-time scoring direct from
NASCAR. Sponsored by NASCAR, Fantasy Live also awards prizes to leagues with 16 or more members.
Players manage a roster of five Sprint Cup drivers, and can earn bonus points with Pit Crew and car
manufacturer selections. Form a league of your own and find out how you stack up against your friends
managing a team of top NASCAR drivers.

Streak to the Finish

Sponsored by Quaker Oil, Streak to the Finish lets players pick drivers and run up points based on their
finishing position in live NASCAR races. Each week, players choose a NASCAR Sprint Cup driver that

they believe will finish in the top ten. Every week that their chosen driver finishes in the top ten, they
get points. But there’s a catch – they can’t pick the same driver twice. The trick is to keep the winning
streak going long enough to score the highest number of points. Anyone can play – no leagues or teams

Why Play Fantasy NASCAR Games?

You may not have the million bucks minimum that it takes to sponsor a NASCAR driver, but you can still
show off your prowess in planning and picking the best cars, drivers and teams when you play NASCAR
games. Depending on where you play, you can even win real money for managing your team and picking
the right drivers. Whether you play in a league or bet against the stats, fantasy NASCAR games add a
whole new element of fun to a day at the races.

Play NASCAR Games Online

There are many NASCAR games to play online. Some are free, some only require an email address to
sign up. Pick the kind of game you most enjoy and join in with your friends to play fantasy NASCAR. Field
your own team, pick the winners and watch your stock soar in NASCAR fantasy racing games.

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