NASCAR Racing Experience

Are you looking for the ultimate driving experience? NASCAR race fans can experience the thrill of
driving a regulation NASCAR stock racing car at speeds up to 165 miles per hour. Have you always
dreamed of getting behind the wheel of a NASCAR race car? Experience the thrill of driving at top speed
on our NASCAR track in a variety of NASCAR driving experiences specifically created just for you.

Every NASCAR experience will be extraordinary, whether you choose to pilot the car yourself or decide
to ride along with an experienced driver. All NASCAR driving experiences include safety training and
instruction applicable to the level of skill required. Enjoy the ultimate NASCAR driving fan experience at
our track.

What Is a NASCAR Racing Experience?

A number of professional NASCAR drivers tour the country providing NASCAR racing experiences at
NASCAR racetracks in many different cities and states. Many NASCAR speedways and racetracks also
offer their own NASCAR experiences. The NASCAR driving experience ranges from one NASCAR school
and racetrack to the next. What can you expect? These are sample NASCAR experience itineraries that
show the range of activities and experiences you can expect when you sign up for a NASCAR racing

The Ride-Along Experience

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of whipping around a NASCAR track at speeds up to
165 miles per hour? Ride along with real NASCAR drivers on the official tracks where they race. You’ll
experience the ride of your life in a real NASCAR race care for three pulse-raising laps. Buckle yourself
into the passenger seat and hold on tight for the ride of your life.

The 3-Hour NASCAR Driving Experience

Get a taste of the real thing when you drive a real NASCAR racecar at speeds as fast as you dare. This
is your chance to experience the thrills and test your mastery on the same tracks where the pros race.
Turn your dreams into reality in a timed racing session on the track with in-car radio communication and
no lead car. It doesn’t get any more real than this!

The NASCAR Driving Experience includes a meeting with the crew chief, instructional video, safety
training and a Q&A session before you buckle in.

No instructor rides with you – you drive a real NASCAR racecar by yourself with the support of a
personal racing instructor communicating via electronic radio.

Want Even More?

Build on the basic NASCAR driving experience – a fan favorite – with multiple back-to-back driving
sessions so you can build your speed over the top. Reach top speeds of up to 170 miles per hour on an
official NASCAR racetrack, driving a real NASCAR racing car. Choose from a range of driving experiences,
with up to 8 back-to-back driving sessions, with a chip change in between to let you really let ‘er fly on
your final laps.

All NASCAR driving experiences include instruction, coaching and in-car radio with a real NASCAR
instructor to guide you along the way.

The NASCAR Experience makes the perfect gift for any racing fan, or an ideal team-building corporate
experience. Contact us for more information about a NASCAR experience of your own.

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